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What are the benefits of running an apprenticeship to your organisation?

Our World / What are the benefits of running an apprenticeship to your organisation?

Marianne Hatcher

Marianne Hatcher
June 6, 2016

I manage a recruitment apprenticeship programme at BPS World called the “Rising Stars Programme” and it has been very successful in nurturing young talent and developing careers.

BPS World have a dedicated Learning and Development culture and the Rising Stars programme is designed to take those with no prior recruitment experience through a 12 month learning programme. After this time they receive a nationally recognised qualification, an REC Level 2 Diploma in Recruitment Resourcing, they are then considered for other opportunities within the business.

There are many benefits to running an apprenticeship programme; the chance to “home grow” enthusiastic talent and to employ a person based on their motivation not their work history. However the key to a successful apprenticeship programme is to have in place a structured learning journey. Our “Stars” programme teaches all aspects of resourcing from the core skills needed to be a recruiter through to marketing, finance, business intelligence, database management and IT. We guide our apprentices through the different levels of training and certifications and develop transferable skills across different sectors. BPS World believe the experience gained from this fully rounded approach is mutually beneficial to the individual and the organisation. This system enables the apprentice to gain valuable work experience and a qualification while the organisation can tailor their learning to realise business objectives.

BPS World believes today’s organisation must be responsible for training tomorrow’s workforce, we are investing in the growth and development of the next generation. The “Stars” programme has had many successes, in the past year we have had three apprentices graduate two months ahead of schedule, a promotion of an apprentice to trainee Account Manager and a nomination for the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) awards.

A report in findcourses.co.uk states that apprenticeships are proven to build loyalty with the apprentices and they are more likely to stay with the company who has invested in them. This is true of BPS World’s experience who have employees of over 10 years who once started as apprentices. An improved employee retention will have a positive impact throughout the organisation.

It is important to recruit the right apprentice for your organisation. BPS World interview candidates through a well-structured assessment centre – this is a tried and tested process and allows us to interview a large amount of candidates efficiently. Character and personality are important when selecting the right person, there is more emphasis in place on this than on skills and work experience; those are areas in which training is given.

BPS World attend local careers fairs at schools, colleges and youth centres. We also work very closely with companies who specialise in promoting apprenticeship opportunities, this allows us to expand our reach. We also run events every year to support “National Apprenticeship Week”.

Managing the “Stars” apprenticeship programme is personally very rewarding; to see an individual grow personally and professionally and being part of that journey with them is a great experience.

The Rising Stars Programme at BPS World will be opening its doors once again this summer for its next intake of apprentices. If you or anyone you know would like more information on how to apply please contact myself Marianne Hatcher on  01628 857340 or marianne.hatcher@bps-world.com

 I look forward hearing from you



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