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Dominic Hughes

Dominic Hughes
March 13, 2017

Who’d want to work in recruitment, anyway? Well I know I didn’t and as I’m writing this I’m looking at the other people in the office who probably didn’t ask their career officers in school about it either – more about them in a minute.

Recruitment’s a strange industry and it’s certainly evolved from the ‘Yellow Pages & a phone’ days – companies are now taking their recruitment more seriously and partner with organisations that actually add value instead of firing CVs to hit their KPIs and keep their manager happy.

These types of recruitment companies often operate in something called Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

It’s pretty much the same as contingent recruitment in that the overall aim is to fill jobs but the good thing about RPO is that you actually get the opportunity to focus on just that – filling jobs.  BPS is set up like many RPO recruitment firms, with a distinct identity for both our account management and delivery teams.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked on both sides of the fence and I can see the benefit in each but more so  I can see the types of characters that exist in each and this brings me on to this lot here.

We operate out of the Warrington BPS World office and we are certainly an interesting blend.

Let me introduce you to Andy and Di:

Andy’s what we call a ‘lifer’ and he’s been with BPS World since what seems like the dawn of time.  However, that means he’s actually really good at his job and Andy’s one of our Account Managers, embedded in our client organisations.  While he comes from an engineering background he’s now one of our key people with a global business and professional organisation and drives the business forward from the client perspective.

Conversely, Andy started off as a Resourcer.

Then we’ve got Di.

Di’s ace.

Di’s loud.

Di works hard.  We all do, actually, and there’s no getting away from that if you want to be successful.

But hard work’s what you make of it and this is where the team mentality comes in.  Even though we all receive nice individual bonuses every quarter the bulk of our earning comes from the group commission.  

That’s why I’m proud to say we all roll our sleeves up to help each other out and that’s what makes working here not feel like work.

We’re looking for someone else to join us and if you’re still reading then this might be you.  You may come from an engineering background, you may not but that can be taught.  You may be from 360 or you may be from an RPO recruitment background but what you will have is an understanding of the recruitment process, a firm belief in yourself, the team and the skill set to succeed & help us grow more.

We’re a simple bunch but a happy bunch and if you look at Andy & Di you can see where people start here and where they can end up – there’s a reason Andy stayed and there’s a reason Di joined – with any joy you’ll find something in common with the both of them.

If you are interested in joining the BPS World Warrington team please contact Dominic Hughes on 01925 747397 or Domininc.hughes@bps-world.com

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