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Hear about successful visa management

Kris Simpson / Business, Talent / Aug 10, 2017 10:46:02 AM

I have previously talked about our relocation services, but another factor to consider when relocating is the daunting task of obtaining a visa or work permit for your new destination.Understanding which visa you need and how to complete the forms correctly, is one of the biggest challenges when you want to move to another country. Completing the application incorrectly can cause long delays, obtain the wrong visa and you could be rejected at the airport.

Neither of these are a welcomed distraction when you are moving your life overseas. Expertise in this area is essential, knowing what documents to apply for, where to get them translated (not all application forms are in English) and what important information needs to be included and what common mistakes should be avoided.

Using an expert in Visa Management will guarantee your application will be accepted and increase its chances of being successful...  BPS World Solutions has this expertise within its Total Talent Management services and can offer you the reassurance of a smooth, trouble free visa application process. If you are relocating employees permanently or need to send support to a new region for few months and don’t know where to start. Get in touch we can assist you with your journey and support your businesses Global Talent Agenda.

Are you looking for help with your visa requirements?

Please contact Kris Simpson on 01628 565765 or kris.simpson@bps-world.com

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