Human-to-Human Resourcing


Human to human resourcing. How can HR and Marketing work closer together?

Is it time for the talent department?

At some point or another if you are in the workplace the chances are you have been through an interview process.

Before the interview you may have spent hours on the internet finding out as much as you can about the company, maybe talked to others who work for the company and checked out their social media profiles. In many ways you have become the interviewer making sure that the company you are seeking to work for is a good fit for you and your future aspirations and ambitions. 

From a business perspective it’s a little more complex to ensure the values of the company permeate through every aspect of your culture. Traditionally, the HR department have led the charge on recruitment working to departmental resource plans and company growth plans. A conversation with marketing to put together an ad – in the corporate colours with the right logo was the only relative interaction between the two departments. 

human to human resourcing
The marketing teams often being involved in a brief introduction to the brand at induction stage – and the new employee finding themselves being told what to think and feel about the brand and business they have joined. The hot potato of internal communications is then being bounced around from HR to marketing and back!

So how do we create a culture that works through the attraction, recruitment and retention lifecycle? Maybe it’s about considering a ‘people’ department or Talent Team – a more Human-to-Human interaction - where the lines between departments are broken down and the focus is finding and retaining the right people? It doesn’t discriminate between HR, finance or marketing but is solely in place to ensure the well-being and motivation of employees. Perhaps this will move some way towards a broader understanding of each other’s worlds but also provide a more fluid and enjoyable on-boarding process for new employees?

Whichever way it goes, fundamentally HR and marketing need to come closer together to gain a greater understanding of how they can influence and improve the recruitment process. They have a lot to learn from one another and a great deal of influence over the happiness and motivation of the workforce.

Tell you about your World. How do your HR and Marketing team work together? 

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