What are the most in-demand engineering jobs?

There’s set to be an increasing number of employment opportunities in the US engineering sector with 140,000 new jobs expected to be created by 2026.

But what are the most in-demands roles?

And which skills is your business likely to need now, or in the near future?

I’ve broken down some of the trends and jobs to keep an eye on.

Civil Engineer

Crumbling infrastructure and an increasing population means Civil Engineers will almost always be highly-sought after.

From the design and build of new roads and airports, to ongoing maintenance, the requirement is constant.

Civil Engineers are projected to account for 23% of all new engineering jobs between now and 2026, the largest growth area.

Snapshot: Meeting the huge demand for Civil Engineers.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineering is expected to grow by 15% in the next eight years with Drilling Engineers especially in-demand.

The discovery and recovery of natural oil efficiently and safely is big business and as such Petroleum Engineers can expect to earn a high average salary of $129,990.

Snapshot:  A highly-specialised field and an ageing talent pool means the market is competitive and the pipeline is limited.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineers work closely with doctors to develop technologies and machinery to diagnose, monitor and treat conditions.

And with further medical advancements comes increasing demand for skilled people in this discipline.

However, it requires a niche skillset between medical doctor and mechanical engineering to fulfil the role.

Snapshot: A cutting-edge and exciting field will continue to attract talent. However, the ‘moth-to-the-flame’ effect could lead to a saturation of Biomedical Engineers.

Environmental Engineer

As with civil engineering, there’s expected to be an uplift in the demand for Environmental Engineers.

The BLS predicts an 8% growth in this area by 2026 as states move to upgrade their infrastructure.

Environmental engineers work on a variety of projects concerning water supply and quality, soil quality, recycling, waste disposal and public health.

Snapshot: A versatile role and one growing in importance as the need to develop sustainable environmental solutions intensifies.

Aerospace Engineer

Advances in technology are changing the way we engineer aircraft, and spacecraft too. Aerospace Engineers are tasked with finding out how we can carry more people on planes, use less fuel and travel further.

And that’s before even mentioning the growth of the private space industry for companies planning on mining asteroids.

Snapshot: Aerospace Engineering isn’t simply just growing, it’s adapting. Modern Aerospace Engineers are starting to use new software, so coding and programming skills are becoming increasingly important.

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David Welch

David Welch
Director Of Business Development
Written on: July 4, 2018


What are the big growth areas in engineering? We’ve broken down some of the roles that are becoming increasingly important throughout the United States.

In this blog we examine:

  • The growth of the engineering sector.
  • A breakdown of the most in-demand roles.
  • A snapshot of the skills required.


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