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5 ways US tech companies can attract the best talent

Recruitment, Technology / 5 ways US tech companies can attract the best talent

David Welch

David Welch
July 25, 2018

Hiring technology talent remains a challenge for companies across the United States. It’s a perennial issue and since you’ve landed on this blog there’s every chance your organization is experiencing the same frustrations as thousands of others.

Don’t worry, I’m about to offer some solutions. 

But first, some statistics.

Gartner’s 2018 CEO Survey listed IT and workforce issues as the top priorities this year. Meanwhile, TechRepublic have reported that 83% of CIOs struggle to find tech talent.  

And that’s just filling roles.

What about finding the BEST people out there?

In such a competitive hiring landscape, how can you really stand out from the crowd to attract talent that has its pick of vacancies?

Here’s how:

Show off your greatest assets

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, every company has its own employer brand. But how hard is yours working for you?

Your people need to be front and centre and they need to have a voice so they can act as brand ambassadors.

Building an attractive career site is one place to start.

Make sure to include your company values, testimonials from employees, vibrant imagery and everything about why your organization is such a great place to work.

And make it easy for candidates to get in touch with you via desktop, mobile or social media.

Create a learning culture

This is a crucial component in attracting the best candidates.

No other industry moves faster than the technology sector and its workers won’t want to be left behind.

So, you’ve got put in place a learning culture that upskills colleagues in new technologies and encourages people to push boundaries.

Anne Allen, director of People Experience at online accounting software company Xero told Raconteur:

“Rather than trying to teach everyone everything, we cultivate an environment in which employees have the headspace to learn what’s right for them, whatever their age or experience.

“This is especially pertinent in the technology sector, an industry that is moving at a million miles an hour. We encourage staff to use new technology, always ask questions, take risks and perhaps most importantly, not be afraid to show vulnerability.”

Use your networks

Company-wide hiring is all the rage. And adopting the mindset of ‘everyone is a recruiter’ is especially important in the tech space.

Tech talks to tech in a language it understands and this type of networking can help unearth hidden talent.

Incentivizing this process with rewards for referrals is another way to drive hiring initiatives. Whether it’s a cash bonus or simply a day’s vacation, encourage your employees to network and have great conversations with prospective new hires.

Be transparent

This might sound obvious but being clear on the role you’re recruiting for and what’s required is essential, especially if you’re hiring for niche skills.

Likewise, treating your candidates like rock stars is the new norm.

Tech talent doesn’t want a long-drawn out hiring process followed by two-week radio silence and then an offer (or rejection).

Keep candidates informed at every stage of the process, use social media channels and tech forums to interact and always ensure you’re building good connections.

It’s your reputation on the line.

Offer clear career pathways

Why should an in-demand developer stick around at your company if they can see a better opportunity elsewhere?

From the very first interaction you need to be outlining your businesses’ internal mobility and flexibility.

The best in tech want to know that they’ll have the chance to progress in their careers, or even have multiple careers while working for your company.

Struggling to find the best tech talent? Give me a call on +1 954 376 0260 or email to have a quick conversation about your requirements.

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