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Why CEOs need to be on Twitter

Matt Grady / Business / Nov 13, 2017 1:01:00 PM

What is the strength of Twitter and how should CEO's be utilising this great platform? 

Not only to enhance the power of their organisation but how much impact their engagement is with future potential employees and customers alike.

In a recent study, Brandfog found that the clear majority of people trust a company more if the Chief Executive Officer actively engages with social media. It was a point echoed by the three CEOs who appeared on stage at the recent Twitter event #TweetsFromTheTop.

Whether or not you are a fan of Donald Trump or not, one thing is for certain, he is drawing a huge crowd and showing the real power of social platforms such as Twitter.

I was sat in a coffee shop last week while Donald Trump posted a tweet and before my very eyes the ticker was going so fast, I saw over 1000 likes, shares and re-tweets in 2 minutes! Insane

Now I appreciate we don't all have the audience of the President of the United States, but your people want to hear from you. More importantly your customers and potential employees of the future want to see you here on Twitter.

My top 4 tips for CEO's getting started on Twitter (I am assuming you have now set up your account and chosen a professional looking headshot)

  1. Break free of a strictly corporate persona and let your customers and employees learn a little bit more about you.
  2. Start by tweeting once a day. Your Twitter presence will do wonders for raising your brand’s profile, both on an offline. The more you interact with other leaders and your businesshttps://support.twitter.com/’ customers, the more visible your entire company will become. By tweeting regularly, a CEO can effectively “speed up” the process of building brand recognition and loyalty
  3. Engage - re-tweet, like and comment on interesting topics and posts
  4. Become a thought leader - By tweeting your thoughts about your industry, company news and other related topics, you can quickly shoot up the influence ranks to become a thought leader

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