GOOD insight: Post Brexit - Are Britain still leaders in global talent?


In this edition we will focus on actual talent – are Britain still leaders in global talent?

As a global talent partner, we like to reflect and review the talent market arming our valued connections with knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

This series is called GOOD Insight and our chosen topic for this series is the impact of Brexit on the talent market.

In the first edition we looked at Brand Britain and how Brexit will impact the attractiveness of the UK to organisations. In this edition we will focus on the actual talent – are Britain still leaders in global talent? 

We explored this issue in our white paper, “Brexit: What the World is Saying”, identifying that: “Most European respondents believe that, given what is at stake for both Britain and the EU, there will ultimately be a compromise over the issue of freedom of movement in Brexit negotiations. There has been speculation in continental Europe that Britain could follow the Swiss model in terms of its future relationship with the EU. Also for skilled talent from smaller European economies, wages in the UK remain significantly higher.”

Companies are said to be spending more than ever to extol the virtues of their brands and the most attractive environment to hire top talent. In the same way brand Britain must amplify its winning position to encourage talent to stay, whilst continuing to attract the best and brightest.

To find out more about attracting the best talent for your organisation in a post Brexit world, please contact James Potter on 01628 857338 or 

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