How to manage the recruitment process across multiple time zones

Organising meetings and interviews between candidates and clients based on different time zones can lead to miscommunications if appropriate care isn’t taken.

Recently I have been given a fantastic opportunity by BPS World to work in Miami with one of our largest global clients who have their Head Quarters there. This has been a great opportunity for me to challenge myself and take on new responsibilities.

Miami is 5 hours behind the UK and this time difference can present some challenges, which require effective planning and organisation. Firstly there are the effects of jetlag, this is the easiest challenge to overcome but needs to be tackled correctly nonetheless. You have to take steps to immediately adapt your body clock and sleeping pattern to adjust to the new time zone, as yawning in a client’s office is not the way to make a good first impression!

Secondly, managing your diary becomes more complicated when working across different time zones. My colleagues in the UK start their day 5 hours before me and therefore leave the office 5 hours before me too. Managing important emails first thing in the morning over breakfast allows me to quickly get myself up to speed with overnight developments. I schedule in calls, meetings and actions that need to be dealt with once I arrive at the office.

Organising meetings and interviews between candidates and clients based in different time zones can easily lead to miscommunications if appropriate care isn’t taken. I always make time to double check diary invites and interviews confirmations before I send an email.

Cultural differences and language barriers are other key elements to recruiting globally and have to be taken into consideration. I am from the north of England and I have to take extra care to properly annunciate my words and avoid using colloquial terms that I may use when speaking to friends or colleagues when in the UK.

It is extremely useful to take time to understand the different candidate market and recruitment cultures across the many countries that BPS World recruit in. This knowledge has allowed me to provide the best possible experience to my candidates. It also ensures that I provide my clients with not only suitably qualified and experienced candidates but ones I believe will fit in well and embrace their organisational culture.

Recruiting internationally can and will present challenges, but providing you have the right preparation, organisation and understanding of the task, global recruitment is very rewarding. Working in a different country has been an invaluable learning experience for me.

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