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Knowing and understanding what your candidate wants

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Andy Cruickshank

Andy Cruickshank
September 18, 2015

I found myself in a conversation recently with a candidate that BPS World had placed for the 3rd time. “Andy you guys just understand what gets me motivated and what client/positions I want to work with, most importantly you listen.”

  • MYTH: Recruiters find Jobs for People

  • TRUTH: Recruiters find People for Jobs

In my experiences the best recruiters know whattalent wants. They understand their candidate’s motivations and career goals, and use this knowledge to keep top talent satisfied and engaged throughout the recruitment process. The candidate should always feel in control, as more than ever they have a wealth of choices to choose from to promote their talents through the power of social media.

It’s more and more becoming a candidate's market, if it hasn’t already. If you want top talent you do need to engage with them as candidates want to understand the brand, company culture, and feel you are their go to place for advice/work.

I’ve always thought that successful recruitment is about successful project management. Managing your candidates effectively will create positive outcomes for both parties – even if they don’t get the job they will return if they feel comfortable with the process.

Through BPS I’ve recently completed my Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Recruitment which is ideal if you want to develop the skills needed to understand the competitive world of the employment and recruitment services industry. It’s been great to get back to basics and refresh all the skills and knowledge you need to manage and guide your candidates.

If you do not manage your customer well, opportunities can be missed and relationships can be damaged.  Candidate management can also create new client openings for the future. Delivering good service consistently to candidates is vital in developing a strong brand and is the building block for success built around long term relationships.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you can take something from it to help you deliver an A+ service.  To hear what our candidates, clients and partners have to say please take a moment to visit: http://www.bps-world.com/social/hear-here/

Andy Cruickshank, Account Manager 

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