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Nedeljko Radojicic

Nedeljko Radojicic
August 15, 2017

BPS World is proud to announce the expansion into the Central and Eastern European region and introduce its new office in Belgrade, Serbia. 

With globalisation connecting nations, people and economies, there is more opportunity to launch a global business operation. BPS World is a rapidly growing organisation expanding into new s markets and embracing opportunity.

Through collaboration with large multinationals we have gained in-depth knowledge of how the global market functions. It has a prepared us for the challenge of finding out what we are looking to gain from establishing a new office - the “where”, “when”, “how” and most importantly, “why”.

We realised more than a year ago that strategic expansion and a new office were in order and needed to find the optimal location. There were important factors to consider:

Which country has enough qualified staff of varied vocations?

Which country can provide us with easily scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable offices?

Which nation has a high-level of fluent English speakers, able to converse with the wider business world? 

After examining and comparing huge amounts of data from locations around the world, Serbia rated top of the list for our specific requirements. It is an up-and-coming, dynamic and urban nation, abundant with talent and ambition. Its capital, Belgrade, is among Europe’s oldest cities, and with nearly 1.7 million residents, falls among the large metropoles of the Old Continent.

Serbia is 1-2 hour plane journey from most European capitals and has plenty to offer to almost any company seeking to expand their operations or scope of activity. These activities could include: opening a new office and outsourcing existing business to local staff or attracting Serbian talent willing to relocate for a good business opportunity.

The 7-million strong country is ideally located and primed for businesses which require high staff mobility. With a dominant service sector and strong industry, agriculture, and IT scene, Serbia boasts a truly diversified market, whose every sector is open to foreign investors, with no legal barriers to market entry.

After opening itself fully to becoming a part of the global market some 15 years ago, Serbia has become a great place for globally relevant firms who need an easy-to-open, easy-to scale, new office, logistics foothold, or transportation routes. Our Belgrade office, BPS World d.o.o., was founded in March of this year, precisely to address this incredible growth opportunity.

In addition to headhunting and critical staff recruitment across an array of industries, the Belgrade office specialises in providing turnkey business development solutions for companies entering, or expanding in, the Balkans region. Through our World Solutions capability, our Belgrade staff can provide legal, compliance, payroll and financial consultancy, and all necessary documentation, logistic and infrastructural support start to finish.

We also offer brand visibility and other marketing activities, recruitment of all critical staff, and employer branding. In our Belgrade office, we employ staff from diverse educational backgrounds, and directly contribute not only to the success of our company, but to the prosperity of an entire promising market. We have rapid growth plans for the office over the next few years.

Belgrade is truly one of Europe’s loveliest capitals. It is a metropolitan, vibrant city, offering thrillingly dichotomous experiences. Both traditional and uniquely contemporary, proud of its heritage and embracing any culture willing to share, intense and laid-back, it is that rare capital which constantly seeks to reinvent itself and offer something for everyone.

Around the confluence of its two rivers, the Danube and Sava, one will find countless cafes, restaurants, clubs and other opportunities for socialising. The people, with their iconic Balkan hospitality, speak numerous languages and welcome everyone with open arms. Perhaps the most endearing aspect about Belgrade is its endless capacity to make everyone feel at home from the moment they set foot on its soil. 

There is no denying it, we already love doing business here. If you are looking to expand your business by opening a new office or outsourcing some activities, look no further - Serbia is the place to be and BPS World Serbia are the people who will deliver whatever is needed for your success.

Are you developing your business in Central or Eastern Europe? If you would like a consultation please contact me on

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