Where does the responsibility of Employer Brand sit in your organisation?

Attraction / Where does the responsibility of Employer Brand sit in your organisation?

Natalie Spearing

Natalie Spearing
October 5, 2015

Before entering the world of Recruitment it was fair to say that this question for me this was a no brainer – the Marketing Department of course. They are responsible for the impact, engagement and the performance of the brand after all.

Since working in a resourcing team where we look at the whole employee lifecycle this line has become increasingly blurred. Where HR is subtly evolving to People and culture – the line to the employee suddenly becomes more ambiguous and the ownership of that employee experience falls in both camps.

With more overlap than ever before, there is the potential for greater collaboration or a head to head for responsibility and ownership – so how do you balance the fundamental need of the employee to feel engaged and valued with the skills of the Marketing and HR departments. 

Perhaps a way to approach this is staring us blankly in the face? A ‘People Department’ made up of both Marketing and HR professionals – with the aim of making the employee experience more fluid and considered. It would also provide a more consistent approach to the whole employee journey, utilising the very best of both department skillsets.

Whichever way you chose to structure it – all eyes need to remain firmly on the employee – after all in the fight for talent those with the most appealing and engaging employer brand will surely win. I’d be interested to hear where this sits in your organisation and how you feel this works for you… 

Natalie Spearing, Marketing Director - BPS World

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