Why should you invest in content?


Why should you invest in content?

The marketing landscape has undertaken a revolution in the last few years and we are now in a hyper connected, hyper digitised world.

One area which has maintained high on the agenda is content. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “content is king” and this still holds true today, content can help to transform your marketing:  

Improve your search ranking

A key marketing success criteria is where do you rank? The holy grail is being on page 1 and anything less is disastrous.

Source: http://www.brightsideofnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/best-place-to-hide-a-dead-body-is-Google-page-2.gif

Traditional SEO advice is for every 5th word, include the words you are looking to target, which is known as keyword stuffing. The algorithms from search engines have now become more sophisticated and keyword stuffing is no longer the way to improve your ranking, so how do you achieve that page one ranking? Websites need to deliver an intuitive user experience and this needs rich, fresh content with relevant links to supporting information.

Position yourself as the market leader

Creating content allows you to become the ‘expert in the room.’ If you create credible content, you can speak authoritatively on the subject matter and will become the market leader. Therefore establishing your brand as one that is not only passionate, but also prepared to lead thought and opinion on that subject. Content is a very effective way to develop and then reinforce your market leader position.

Develop fans of your business that will become leads

How many advertisements do you see a day? “It’s estimated that in 2014 the average person in the UK is exposed to anywhere between 125 and 900 advertisements in any 24 hours.” This intense level of competition makes it hard for any advertisements to cut through. So invest time in creating quality editorial led content for your audience. Customers are more likely to engage with content that interests and informs them, once they engage with your brand they are then more likely to be interested in your product – which builds quality leads. If you follow these tips, your content will do the hard work allowing you to reap the benefits.

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