Recruitment International: The average time employees will stay in a job

How loyal are your employees? Probably more so than you’d expect, according to a study commissioned by us towards the end of 2017.

Growing skills shortages have arguably handed employees the upper-hand when it comes to negotiating their next role.

However, our research found that workers are likely to stay with an employer for an average of 4.5 years. Meanwhile, a third say they usually stay in one role for more than six years.

Those findings were based on responses from 1000+ employees, both full-time and part-time.

The main reason given for employer loyalty was enjoyment of their job (47%) while 31% ranked progression as a key aspect of retention.

In reaction to the study, CEO Simon Conington told Recruitment International:

“Employers will be reassured to see that for the most part, employees are not jumping from job to job in a matter of months as some headlines would suggest.” 

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Recruitment International, Employees staying an average 4.5 years in a job, finds BPS World, December 11 2017


A BPS World study finds that employees are on average remaining loyal to their employers with ‘enjoyment’ given as a key reason for this.

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William Geldart

William Geldart
Marketing Manager
Written on: April 11, 2018


Research commissioned by BPS World in 2017 found that employees are arguably more loyal than you’d expect. Our CEO Simon Conington spoke to Recruitment International to give his thoughts.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • BPS World study reveals the average time employees will stay in a job.
  • Survey of 1000+ employees reveals the main reasons they remain loyal to their employers.
  • Simon reacts to the findings.


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