The results to expect from an RPO solution

Partnering with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider produces benefits on multiple levels.

Partnering with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider produces benefits on multiple levels.

Your talent strategy, hiring processes, employer brand and even the way you measure the quality of your hires will all be positively impacted.

In our previous blogs we’ve covered the global RPO landscape and some of the reasons to adopt an RPO solution.

However, now we’re going to home in on the results you should expect.

The Key Advantages

The deliverables of an RPO solution will change depending on your unique requirements and the scope of services implemented.

However, here’s a list of some of the main benefits.

An increase in quality

This should go without saying. As one of its fundamental outcomes, RPO enhances your organisation’s ability to source and attract high-quality people.

RPO zeroes in on talent aligned with your business goals and culture and helps you measure and improve the quality of the people you employ.

All-important cost efficiencies

When you bundle together all the hidden costs of recruitment – team overheads, agency fees, technology, time and salary spent on requisition – it can add up to a significant amount.

RPO solutions offer tangible savings across the board with typical operational reductions between 20-30%.

There’s also a variety of less immediate benefits associated with improved hiring, reduced staff turnover and securing candidates who are the right fit for your business.

Added industry expertise

You know your business inside-out. However, an RPO provider operating in the same space is a key ally.

A partner with industry expertise will know who’s right for your roles and how compatible they’ll be with the culture of your organisation.

Furthermore, a provider with a fantastic industry track record will give you a huge competitive advantage when sourcing and engaging with the best people.

Improved stakeholder experience

RPO is a truly people-focussed solution. Client and candidate satisfaction is essential with a quality stakeholder experience top of the RPO provider’s agenda.

From the very first interaction an RPO partner will offer an attentive and consultative approach to improving their clients’ talent acquisition.

Regular communication and exceptional delivery ensures the happiness of hiring managers who know their RPO provider has the capability to handle any issues that might come their way.

12 impactful results of an RPO solution

Here’s a bullet-point list to summarise the positive impact a successful RPO partnership will provide.

  1. Flexibility. You can scale up and down the services you need as requirements change.
  2. Improved process efficiency. Your processes will be managed by one dedicated, single partner.
  3. Exceptional employee engagement. From pre-hiring to on-boarding, give your candidates an experience that’ll ‘wow’ them.
  4. Improved strategic focus. Libertate your HR leadership and hiring managers so that they can focus on the long game.
  5. Increased new hire/employee retention. Hiring quality candidates who are the best fit for your business increases retention.
  6. Ensured compliance and reduced risk. Let your RPO provider worry about all the paperwork and reduce your exposure to risk.
  7. Future-proofed talent strategy. Reap the benefits of your partner’s expertise in identifying and delivering a growth strategy fit for the future.
  8. Access to wider global talent pools. Your RPO partner will have access to vast networks and databases, expanding your geographical reach.
  9. Powerful reporting tools and insight. Get actionable insight to make proactive changes to your hiring process.
  10. Reduced dependency on expensive third-party, contingency firms. You no longer need to rely on an unmanageable list of external partners.
  11. An enhanced employer brand. Increase your attraction and beat the competition to the quality talent you need to thrive.
  12. The freedom to focus on what your business does best. Your RPO provider will handle your talent acquisition while you concentrate on achieving your business goals.

Want to find out more?

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing? A global guide is our essential introduction to the world of RPO.


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