What are the processes for global recruitment?

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It is important to understand that international recruitment has more complex processes than recruiting in the UK.

I have been recruiting for the Fintech industry for the past 6 months and it involves working with multiple nationalities and in different time zones. This has given me the opportunity to develop my international recruitment skills supported by the internal learning and development programmes implemented by BPS World.

One of the Fintech clients BPS World recruit for is rapidly growing on a global scale and they are constantly looking to increase their development teams. Roles that are of priority are: Java Back-end developers, JavaScript Front-end developers and Scrum Masters. In addition to the technical skill which is required for these positions another key element is that the candidate must also be good “cultural” fit for the organisation. Will the candidate fit with the values and beliefs of the company? These are all factors which need to be considered during the recruitment process.

BPS World recruits in to many countries around the world including the Czech Republic, Latin American and Singapore. They are in a position to attract some of the best technology professionals required for the roles.  It is important to understand that international recruitment has more complex processes than recruiting in the UK. When recruiting skilled candidates from outside the European Union, factors such as negotiation, planning, relocation, visa and salaries must all be considered. Managing the candidate and client through this journey takes longer and it is my responsibility to manage both parties’ expectations and enable a smooth process.

 As a Recruitment consultant, it is vital that there is continued communication with both parties throughout salary negotiation, the role and relocation packages if required.  Obtaining working visas can take up to 3 months and continued support of the candidate during this time is required. These are challenges which I am now experienced in dealing with and have systems in place to ensure the operations run smoothly.

The need for skilled talent will be an on-going necessity and this means BPS World will continue to grow globally alongside its clients, fulfilling their recruitment needs. This is an exciting time to be in the world of international recruitment. 

For more information on international recruitment please contact Matt Smyth on 01628 847 347 or matt.smyth@bps-world.com


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