Working with Supply Chain partners – What companies expect from recruiters?

/ Working with Supply Chain partners – What companies expect from recruiters?

Andy Cruickshank

Andy Cruickshank
January 21, 2015

Knowledge is power is a term used in everyday life and can be especially applied to recruitment.

Recent research carried out across a number of industries appears to show a disparity between what recruitment agencies are delivering and what clients actually want.

The research carried out illustrates the extent of this ‘delivery gap’. For example, only 4% of hiring managers say they are “always confident” in the ability of their recruitment consultant to submit candidates of the right quality. A massive 75% of managers believe this stems from the consultant failing to understand the requirements of the role.

So how can you improve and deliver that A+ service?

Knowledge is power

For many of you, me included, who have worked hard to raise standards in recruitment, these figures will be sobering. However all is not lost, it all comes down to listening and delivering. The focus needs to be on quality, and spending time understanding both the role and your market, will ultimately pay off. With 83% of hiring managers choosing an agency based on a previous relationship with that agency, it is clear that getting this aspect of business right is key.

“The more you know about the industry/client the quicker it will be for you to spot the right candidate to match your clients company,”

Raising the standards

Clients expect: “an employee or at least a quality short list of candidates, delivered in a timely manner with a high level of service”

Understanding your client is key and with a little homework you’ll quickly see improvements in productivity, effectiveness and job satisfaction. This is what happens when recruiters become partners with their clients. Hiring top talent will never become a systematic business process until this occurs.

How well do you feel that your recruiter understands your business / industry? 

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