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Recruitment / Does your recruitment strategy work?

James Potter

James Potter
May 18, 2017

My name is James Potter and the next series of blogs are for me to discuss my involvement as a strategic advisor to businesses globally and how getting their people strategy correct is fundamental to success.


I have been in recruitment for 7 years and developed a strong insight into why companies need to see their human capital as critical to what they sell whether it be a commodity or service.

As a subject matter expert I will discuss how my day to day involvement with CEO’s and HRD’s allows me to step away from the conceptual and into the reality of the challenges posing businesses globally at this moment in time.

So let’s get started on this exciting journey discussing the man or woman at the top of these multinational companies, in an ever-changing world CEO’s face many challenges in driving their organisation forward and it is their priority to find the right solutions and recruitment strategies to grow their company, increase revenue and delivery profits.

A straight forward explanation written on a page but in reality, there are far weightier issues to consider. Leading a multinational company requires developing the right hiring strategy for it to grow and prosper in addition to dealing with (responding to) new technological advances and all this in the unstable political climate of the Brexit/Trump era.

These are considerable challenges and in relation to market talent how do CEO’s deal with these?

When we consider a recent report by Mckinsey Global Institute (

It is predicted that by 2020 there will be 38 million to 40 million fewer workers with tertiary education (college or postgraduate degrees) than employers will need, or 13 percent of the demand for such workers due to the lack of skills organisations required to sustain their business and grow accordingly.

This deficit reduces the size of the talent pool organisations must draw from and increases the competition to attract the people they need for the role. This has a significant impact upon an organisation’s ability to meet their strategic objectives and forces them re-evaluate the talent management process throughout the company.

BPS World understand that organisations need to design, implement and deliver end to end talent management processes so they can successfully attract and retain the talent at the right time, at the right cost, in the right place and with the right skills will have a competitive advantage.

Because of this need, BPS World have developed a Total Talent Management service that provides organisations with the expertise needed to create a comprehensive talent management strategy.

Our solution provides a wide suite of services such as employer brand and value proposition, strategic workforce management, talent attraction (which covers a whole page in itself) and finally the learning + development for the rapid deployment of a sustainable recruitment capability with the ability to expand and adapt globally.

We work with organisations on a partnership basis, to ascertain whether we can demonstrate a tangible return on investment by working with BPS by carrying out a comprehensive strategic assessment on your current talent management processes. 

If you need help with carrying out an audit of your existing talent processes and want to speak to a subject matter expert, please contact myself James Potter on 07887247360 or email me on 


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