Talking Brand: Use these hacks to create employer brand hooks

Attraction / Talking Brand: Use these hacks to create employer brand hooks

William Geldart

William Geldart
March 7, 2023

They’re everywhere. Those little stock phrases and idiosyncrasies that permeate your company’s vernacular. But how often do you simply take them for granted? When instead you should be harnessing these quirks to build employee affinity and attract more great people. A few EB hacks can go a long way to fostering cross-company and team identity. 

Take a minute to think about the everyday language that smatters across conversations, emails and Slack or Teams channels (other instant messaging platforms are available). It’s baked in. It’s unique to you. And your company. Maybe even deeper than that – your team. You own it.

“Hello winners”. “Time to go, Team Dragonball Z.”

Now I know you can do better than that...

So go turn ‘your stuff’ into content that’ll activate your employer brand.

Transform your language into employer brand hooks

  • Whatever you do, wherever it lives, make sure you soundboard and sanity check the phrases you wish to use. Is it authentic? Is it going to resonate, relevant enough, or is it simply going to make everyone cringe. Your colleagues will soon let you know which side of the fence they sit on.
  • Embed key phrases into your job postings. But not in a ham-fisted or corny way. "Acme co. rewards winners" is probably too telegraphed and generic. But "Acme co. hands out more than just heart emojis for top performers and incredible outcomes" is getting closer. Back up what you're saying and make it tangible. 
  • Feature key phrases in 1-minute videos from the hiring manager. Repurpose the video for socials and include hashtags that utilise your key phrase. Outro the video with your hashtag. 
  • Build your library of key words and phrases and share across your marketing, recruitment teams and any allies/ambassadors. Get them to regularly update the library and mark the terms that resonate with them the most. Start using these terms across your hiring materials. 
  • Revisit your EVP and cross-reference existing candidate-facing material with the terms you've heard, seen and captured If there's misalignment then it's time to raise with your HR, marketing and recruitment teams. 
  • Give teams their ‘thing’. Let them take ownership of the narrative. Co-create alongside them.
  • Lastly, repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. Hiring videos, candidate packs, job postings, social reels, whiteboards, careers fairs, email signatures, internal newsletters...These (and many more) are all places to get creative and even go a bit guerrilla with your EB marketing. 

(this list is by no means exhaustive!)

It doesn’t have to feel forced. You don’t need to invent new words or be gimmicky. Because it already exists in your everyday. Find it. Harness it. Use it. 

You’ll probably repel some people. And that’s OK. So long as you’re leveraging your everyday language to home in on candidates and potential hires that get you and what you're about. 

Try out some of these ideas and let me know how you get on? And while you're here, let's connect on LinkedIn.

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