Why an integrated total talent management solution is key to recruitment success

The way we recruit and how we find the right talent is changing. We are now embracing an integrated Total Talent Management model to support our clients.

The world is changing, and changing fast. Technology, communication, education and health, there is always something “new and improved” to try. Some changes we like and embrace while others create fear and uncertainty.

The way we recruit is also changing – for the better. We are now embracing an inand how we find the right talent tegrated Total Talent Management model that allows you to tackle the challenges we are facing in an ever changing world.

Some of these challenges include rising demographics, continued globalisation, political shifts (BREXIT and Trump), increasing use of automation and the growth of thriving economies such as India and China.

Other challenges to consider is that in the UK on average 50,000 engineers are retiring each year and at present the UK are replacing around 15,000 of these roles, this leaves a considerable shortfall of 35,000 engineers each year.

Examples like this highlight the importance of having a strategy that attracts and retains the best talent to counter balance the competition of recruiting from an ever shrinking talent pool. How can you overcome these challenges?

The answer is to use a Total Talent Management (TTM) approach.

What is Total Talent Management?

Definitions of TTM are wide ranging, one example being: “TTM is used in reference to the holistic management of internal/permanent and external/contingent workforce. Staffing Industry Analysts rightfully extends and expands the scope and vision to include the management of service providers and technology (“non-human options such as robots, drones and cognitive computing applications”).”

I define TTM as a consultative approach looking to drive efficiencies in an organisation’s talent management strategies and implementing solutions to improve quality, increase compliance and reduce costs.

Why use Total Talent Management?

Many organisations we speak to share similar issues with their talent strategies, using the TTM approach gives your organisation the competitive edge of attracting and maintaining the best talent through a sustainable talent strategy.

How Does Total Talent Management work?

The key to success is to understand where we can make a difference to your organisation and what solutions are needed to provide you with a competitive advantage to attract recruit and retain top talent.

We do this through a 6 stage approach which can enhance every element of your organisation to diagnose and provide relevant strategies to deliver a sustainable recruitment solution;

  • Consult:    We work with each of our clients' to define their goals and build them into achievable steps
  • Consider:  We amplify our clients' brand to achieve greater resonance
  • Recruit:     We tailor recruitment solutions driven by outcomes rather than outputs, to drive efficiencies
  • Protect:     We provide our clients' guidance on all legal matters to ensure compliance throughout the recruitment process
    Grow:         We work with you to create practical and strategic solutions to enhance your People and Culture
  • Measure:   We use measurement coupled with intelligence to inform and guide our decisions

At  every step BPS World will be your “Value Counsel” in providing an expert assessment of your Talent Management Strategy – always asking how it can be improved.

What are the benefits of Total Talent Management?

BPS World are 100% focused on delivery, we build long term partnerships with our clients based on mutual respect and a passion to develop new processes of working to attract, recruit and retain the right people. The benefits to your organisation will include:

  • Improved quality of hires across all disciplines
  • Improved quality of hires across all disciplines
  • Reduced cost of recruitment from both a contingent and permanent basis
  • Increased compliance across multiple business units and geographical regions
  • Access to experienced candidate pools that are consistently being updated.
  • Contractor workforce management
  • Employer mobility assistance and compliance supportReal time and effective business intelligence of your recruitment

If you need help with carrying out an audit of your existing talent processes to understand how a total talent management solution can help you, please contact our subject matter expert James Potter on 07887247360 or james.potter@bps-world.com.  


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