Event Roundup: Creating an Authentic EVP Using Storytelling & Gamification

Talent, Employer Brand

At this virtual breakfast in partnership with In-house Recruitment, brand specialists shared their expertise and some top tips on employer brand. We explored how to leverage your people to tell your brand story and the role of technology in creating great brand experiences.

The event

In partnership with In-House Recruitment, we were joined by leading In-house Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and HR professionals and a trio of employer brand experts.

Why employer brand?

Employer brand has long been a significant challenge for businesses as they look to attract, recruit and retain the very best people. But with wide-scale hiring freezes, it’s a mistake to think that your EVP is playing a lesser role in securing talent right now. Results from our global Covid-19 HR survey suggest that employee retention, engagement and cost reduction are top of the priority list right now.

The pandemic has shone a light on one of businesses' most valuable assets - talent. Now is the time to reflect and start building your employer brand, one that will give you a competitive advantage for tomorrow. But how do you do it?

Our speakers 


The presentations

William Geldart: The State of Employer Brand: Today and Tomorrow


Paula Morris: Leveraging your Internal Comms to Boost your Employer Brand


Marcus Vlaar: Learning from Gaming, VR and AR to Create Great Brand Experiences


The takeaways

  • Your employer brand will play a key role in keeping hold of your A* people
  • Strong employer brand leads to strong engagement which leads to retention
  • Your EVP should show what you are, as well as what you aren't
  • Look to promote your EVP internally first before looking to promote it to your external audience
  • Leverage your people to tell your brand story
  • AR, VR and gamification can really add to a brand experience, but make sure it adds value and isn't just a gimmick
  • Bring key stakeholders together and make sure you're all aligned
  • Measure your success at every available opportunity

To continue the conversation on employer brand, get in touch with William, Paula or Marcus.

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