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Kevin Green joins BPS World as non-executive director

We’re delighted to announce that Kevin Green, the departing CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), will be joining the BPS World family as a non-executive director on 1st April 2018.

Why I chose the Rising Stars apprenticeship programme

An apprenticeship appealed to me because it gave me the chance to join a growing organisation offering progression and opportunity.

Gender equality in the recruitment sector

Gender Equality – how do we promote it in our organisation and most importantly do our team members believe we do this well?  


What to expect from an apprenticeship assessment day

Apprenticeship participation now stands at a record level. In the 2016-2017 academic year 491,300 apprentices were hired across the UK. 

Why should your organisation employ apprentices?

Nearly a million-young people were employed as apprentices in the UK during 2016-17* with a vast number of businesses realising the benefits of running an apprenticeship programme.

The importance of employee engagement

At BPS World, one of our key business objectives for 2018 is to improve and drive our employee engagement.

Living our company values: Passion

When I joined BPS World, I wanted to work for a company that shared and could support my aspirations. Having worked in recruitment for a while you get a taste of what you enjoy and how you want to operate.

An Englishman abroad

Jakarta’s hot. VERY hot. Well, it is for a northern bloke from England, anyhow.

Settings goals and achieving them

How many of us return to work after the festive period full of enthusiasm and determination, convinced that we will stick to our new year resolutions or goals?

Is your talent strategy heading to A&E?

You're 18 months into your growth and expansion plans. Sales are up and supply is in demand but oops.... you soon realise your attrition rate is going through the roof!

How can a company name impact your talent strategy?

Faber Maunsell, Hyder, Scott Wilson, Posford Duvivier…Now, you may not recognise these names and the sharpest of you may well realise that these companies formed part of my client list when I started my career in recruitment in 2004.

Why CEOs need to be on Twitter

What is the strength of Twitter and how should CEO's be utilising this great platform? 

How do you build a "one team" culture?

Building a "one team" culture for any organisation is a challenge. We know that as a business the one team approach will work and we can use each other’s strengths to win.

My first six months in a recruitment apprenticeship

The past six months have flown by since I started working at BPS World on their Rising Stars apprenticeship programme

Glassdoor and your future talent strategy

Glassdoor.com has 45 Million users and over 40 Million monthly visits. The average rating of a company on Glassdoor is 3.3 out of 5. The average CEO Approval rate on Glassdoor is 66%.

Are you socially engaged?

BPS World are proud to have been listed for the second year as one of LinkedIn’s Top 25 Most Socially Engaged staffing agencies.

The Total Talent Management Recruitment Journey

BPS World’s Total Talent Management approach is an integrated solution, which is not purely limited to the attraction and selection of the talent in high demand, which could be a daunting task in itself.

How do you build an agile workforce?

Agile workplaces are sustained by culture, not technology or process. 

Using agile working for talent attraction

Over the past few months BPS World have been involved in writing a book. There are no character based plots, no who done it’s and no Mr Darcy’s!

What are the challenges of an agile workforce?

In my time as Director of Keybridge IT, I have worked with many companies that want to become more agile; helping them embed the tech solutions that make that possible.

How AI can improve the recruitment process

Everyone loves a good catastrophe - the "Chicken Licken" phenomenon is well documented. And AI (artificial intelligence) slots nicely into that category. It’s the unknown, the apocalyptic - no one is safe... 

Agile working - the great debate

The agile debate is a fascinating one because it raises so many questions. I have worked with numerous organisations, from start-ups to government.

The role of recruitment delivery in the total talent management process

BPS World are Total Talent Management experts, providing services across six key areas to enable our partners to secure top talent. 

Keeping company culture with an agile workforce

“Agile working is defined by the Agile Future Forum as a set of practices that allow organisations to establish an optimal workforce and provide the benefits of a greater match between the resources and the demand for services, increased productivity and improved talent attraction and retention.”

Why we need diversity in HR

How can the least diverse sector be the lead in changing the diversity paradigm?

What would happen if...?

You wake up tomorrow, work out, and head into the office. You pour a coffee, make eye contact with your colleagues whilst exchanging pleasantries, everyone seems so alive today! You remember making a mental note of this.

Is visa free travel the way forward?

Post Brexit all EU citizen’s will still have visa free entry to the UK, whereas UK citizens will soon need an ESTIAS to visit Europe. This of course is a huge turnaround for UK citizen’s use to visa free European travel.  

Are we born leaders?

Are people really born leaders? Some of us will argue they are… Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs and Sir Alex Ferguson to name a few are often referred to as this term within their respective fields.

Why Serbia is a GOOD place for new business

In March 2017, BPS World opened a new office in Belgrade, Serbia, the first of its kind in the Central and East European region.

How do we close the pay gap?

"Gender Pay” and “Age Related Pay” have all created the dreaded "GAP". 

How to successfully motivate your team

Envisage yourself simply walking into a room full of people and immediately inspiring them to work to their optimum performance without saying a word.

Welcome to BPS World Serbia

BPS World is proud to announce the expansion into the Central and Eastern European region and introduce its new office in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Hear about successful visa management

I have previously talked about our relocation services, but another factor to consider when relocating is the daunting task of obtaining a visa or work permit for your new destination.

Keeping up with the Millennials

Millennials are the workforce of the future and managers that do not adapt to cater for their needs will struggle to attract and retain key talent.

Confessions from a satellite office

The following may or may not have been dramatized for entertainment purposes....

The Importance of Candidate Verification

There can be a degree of uncertainty when on-boarding new employees and appropriate checks need to be conducted, education, job history and criminal checks are the three most common areas that need verification.

My great expectations...

I began my apprenticeship with BPS World 2 years ago, enrolling on their ‘Rising Stars’ programme and I must admit, my expectations of an apprenticeship were nowhere near the reality!

Total Talent Management in action: working with the engineering industry

My previous blog highlighted how we used our Total Talent Management (TTM) approach with a global construction company to implement and manage their recruitment strategy.

International payroll: money makes the world go round

Payroll. A small word with a big responsibility. All global organisations have a payroll challenge; some manage it internally while others outsource it.

Total Talent Management in action: working with the construction industry

My previous blogs look at the theory behind the Total Talent Management (TTM) solution and the success it can have for your organisation in attracting, recruiting and retaining candidates.

What does GOOD customer experience look like for your candidates?

As the champions of GOOD recruitment, we like to provide a GOOD Customer Experience for our candidates. But what does this look like for them?

Relocation Relocation Relocation

Relocating employees across the globe in theory looks like a straight forward process: book the flights and a hotel for the duration of the contract and the task is complete...

World Solutions: A Global Recruitment Service

Today’s global business market is rapidly growing. Start-ups are finding it easier to trade on a global stage and the era of technology is fully upon us.

Why Total Talent Management is a flexible recruitment model

You are a client who is experiencing strong growth, your customer numbers are expanding daily, driven by expansion into new regions across the globe.

When to say "yes" to the job

“Congratulations - We would like to offer you the job!” This is the news we all want to hear after a job interview but should you accept the position without further consideration?

Why an integrated total talent management solution is key to recruitment success

The world is changing, and changing fast. Technology, communication, education and health, there is always something “new and improved” to try. Some changes we like and embrace while others create fear and uncertainty.

Would you pay more for good service?

We’ve all seen recent examples of appalling customer service. Customers being treated terribly on flights, customers at the sharp end of rude, incompetent or simply poor service. 

The value of a GOOD reputation

I was recently interested to read that over 2926 new recruitment agencies launched in the first half of 2016. (source: Companies House). 

How to choose the right recruitment partner

With over 60,000 recruitment businesses in the UK alone, generating an annual UK revenue of 35 Billion – the business of people is a significant one. 

What is the difference between customer service and customer experience?

"Customer Experience" is a term we hear often but what does it mean? What is the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience? Which one is more important and how much should an organisation be focussing on it?

What do you look for in a review?

Have often do you check a review before buying a product or booking a table at a restaurant?

May: a creative and curious month

Our theme for May was “Curious and Creative” and this month we spent time on developing our creative thinking and problem solving skills!

Creative ways to recruit

When asked to recruit a new role for a client, the first question to ask is: "What is the ideal candidate for them?"

The importance of customer brand loyalty

We are constantly being told that with the advent of a millennial workforce loyalty has slipped down the list of priorities.

Does your recruitment strategy work?

My name is James Potter and the next series of blogs are for me to discuss my involvement as a strategic advisor to businesses globally and how getting their people strategy correct is fundamental to success.

What does GOOD service look like when you hire a PR consultancy?

Contrary to the popular saying, all PR is not good PR, so the primary concern of any good PR consultancy is reputation. 

April: A Good Delivery Month

April was the month we dedicated to GOOD delivery, ensuring all areas of the company were continuing to deliver to the highest standards. 

Why we need creative thinking in the workplace.

What does creative thinking look like in the workplace? Many of us would consider it to be the graphics design department, perhaps a contemporary and stylish work space or a less formal dress code?

How to deliver GOOD IT support globally

Technology is paramount to today's working environment and the knowledge is constantly evolving.

What GOOD practices are needed to manage an international account?

It’s been an incredible learning process for me over the past year as an Account Manager at BPS World where my role is to deliver to key stakeholders across multiple locations.

The value of corporate social responsibility

Sponsoring a local charity, volunteering in your community, or even just spreading the word - there are many ways in which you as a business can support organisations in your local community.

What does a candidate look for in a recruiter?

What does a candidate look for when they speak to a recruiter?

HR Excellence Awards Finalists

BPS World are proud to be finalists in the HR Excellence Award for Best Learning and Development Strategy for our Stars Programme.

What are your talent challenges?

BPS World would like to introduce our Total Talent Management (TTM) series.

How do you build a GOOD company culture?

‘Many old-school CEOs and leaders were often “business operations first and people second.” But it's the people that make a business successful.’  Jeremy Bloomentrepreneur.


How to deliver GOOD customer service in recruitment

The  BPS World the Customer Service team has increased rapidly over the last 12 months as we put more and more importance on providing a good service to our customers. 

March: A GOOD learning month

March was the month we focused on GOOD Learning and it was a busy time in the world of BPS. 

GOOD financial practice in recruitment

As a fast growing global recruitment company the practice of GOOD financial management has never been more important.

7 habits of a highly effective recruiter

There is more to a recruiter’s role than just filling jobs.  A recruiter needs to build relationships, make connections and stay on top of their game. 

GOOD Insight: Being compliant is crucial to success in the post Brexit talent market

This series is called GOOD Insight and our chosen topic is the impact of Brexit on the talent market. 

National Apprenticeship Week 2017

Celebrating the success of apprentices across England, last week we supported NAW2017 and made it our own. 

BI prepared for Brexit

With the Brexit starting gun poised to be fired this month, triggering the now infamous Article 50, there is still an air of uncertainty as to what will happen to our country’s economy and the knock-on effect it will have on a global scale.


Hear about a GOOD recruitment team

Who’d want to work in recruitment, anyway? Well I know I didn’t and as I’m writing this I’m looking at the other people in the office who probably didn’t ask their career officers in school about it either – more about them in a minute.

What makes a GOOD Leader?

As a manager, it’s our job to create an inspirational environment where people can meet their potential and be motivated to do so. 


February: A GOOD Heart month

February is the  month of love so we looked to make our employees feel that little bit more special with our GOOD heart campaign.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

The digital age is well and truly upon us and technology has become embedded into our everyday lives. Social media runs our social lives, Nokia phones are a novelty and the answers to our questions are quite literally at our fingertips!

What makes a GOOD recruiter?

Getting recruitment right remains one of the biggest challenges any employer faces. 

Funding construction projects - are lenders still cautious?

The current economic landscape has shifted beyond recognition in the last year. The results of both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US have placed a different perspective on many industries.

Learning the language of LinkedIn

Let’s face it, every time you venture to new climes there’s a twang of guilt and a hint of remorse of why you don’t speak the language. 

GOOD Insight:How can you win the global talent race in a post Brexit world?

As a global talent partner, we like to reflect and review the market arming our valued connections with the right knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.


It's important to give back

It's important to give back to the community, especially the younger generation. For me, there's no better way to do it than with football!

What makes a GOOD recruitment website?

There are over one billion websites worldwide (source:www.internetlivestats.com) and showcasing your company online is a straightforward process but getting it “right” is not always as simple.

Which work "character" best describes you?

Within every group of employees  - from nursery groups to multinational organisations -'characters' can be clearly defined.

GOOD insight: Post Brexit - Are Britain still leaders in global talent?

As a global talent partner, we like to reflect and review the talent market arming our valued connections with knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

Bradley Carton - REC Apprentice of The Year Winner 2016

Bradley started his recruitment apprenticeship on BPS World’s Rising Stars programme in January 2015. 

What was GOOD for you in 2016?

When it comes to a new year, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of new beginnings and the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s the same for individuals, couples, businesses. The start of a new year is a benchmark that almost everyone can relate to.

The rising of a robot workforce!

Ok, so the title is more of a sound bite than something that is likely to happen in the near future, but if you were to take all the commentaries recently about Robots in the work place, it certainly sounds like it’s imminent. 

Staying connected in a global market

Good recruitment relies on staying connected. Working at BPS World has given me the opportunity to connect with people across the globe.

GOOD insight: How will Brexit affect Brand Britain?

As a global talent partner we like to reflect and review the talent market, arming our valued connections with knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

Is social media key to your employer brand?

Social media has had a dramatic impact on employer branding. Prior to the rise in social media an employer brand was just a veneer for companies, there was no vehicle to challenge or dispute its statements.

It's all part of the GOOD process

I’ve always been a fan of process.  This started with my career in finance where the entire environment is about “process”. 

What does Fintech mean to the next generation?

Fintech. The growing industry that millions of people engage with on a daily basis.

A move to BPS World USA

Every year, the world gets smaller. Many of us can remember a time when the office was their world, where even working with colleagues in different counties, no matter countries, felt unusual and even exotic.

You've got mail!

The digital age is the most exciting and revolutionary time of our lives and it has completely changed how we work. 


What are the benefits of 'blogging' to your organisation?

The word “blog” is the shortened version of “Weblog” and is described as “ a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts")."

Good Tidings from BPS World

Christmas is that time of year where we can all recharge those batteries and catch up with our loved ones. In the build up to Christmas we have decided to take the time to give back to our local community and bring a smile to the faces of those less fortunate.

How can building a brand help you attract the right talent?

Your brand doesn’t just refer to your colour scheme, the logo you use or how you merchandise. Your brand is you and what you represent.

10 top tips on how to be successful in the workplace

Have you ever wanted to achieve more in your career? Head of People and Culture, Rachael Allen, shares her top tips on how to be successful in the workplace.

How to successfully manage a construction project

The construction sector is such an interesting area to work in; the outputs can be seen all around us. Here in the UK we have an esteemed track record to be proud off, with heritage buildings that are world famous.

Why does the UK have a shortage of Engineers?

The UK has a severe shortage of engineers. But why are we faced with this problem?

How to write the perfect cover letter

Have you ever seen an advert for your dream job and wanted your application to have the edge over the competition?

What does good compliance look like in your business?

Should we seek Best Practice or Compliance? Compliance is very much a catch-all term in today’s business world.

How to rise above condescending co-workers

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a condscending or patronising comment in the workplace? During most people’s career there will have been times when they have felt belittled or “talked-down to” and over time this can undermine confidence and grow resentment. 

How can we embrace FinTech's innovation?

There are employment challenges of growing FinTechs on how to source, capture and retain top talent through to some of the larger underlying technologies such as Blockchain with its adoption and trials from some of the largest global banking services in the world.


What is unique about being an expat in the UAE?

Michael Smith has worked in recruitment for over 10 years, specialising in the Engineering sector. He is experienced in onsite recruitment, working across multiple areas and therefore understands the unique variations in culture between countries. 


Tales of Horror for the Everyday Marketer

It’s that time of year again when pumpkins are carved, costumes come out and the horror stories get shared – yes it’s Halloween! 

Bradley Carton - my first 18 months in recruitment

My name is Bradley Carton and I have been working for BPS World for over 18 months. I started off in a recruitment apprenticeship as part of the company’s Rising Stars programme, which I completed within 8 months.

Are you considering a role in Relocation Services?

You have just graduated from University and you are now ready to explore the world and find your feet on the path to your future career.

BPS World are one of LinkedIn’s most socially engaged organisations

Today we have been announced as one of LinkedIn’s top 25 most socially engaged recruitment organisations, this is an outstanding achievement that we are very proud of.

Working Mums in recruitment

Working in the recruitment industry and being a mother share many similarities, with both there are lots of highs and lows and sometimes you cannot control the outcome no matter how hard you try!

Andy Robins - my start in a recruitment apprenticeship

My name is Andy Robins and I am an Apprentice Resourcer for the Management Consulting team at BPS World. I have been working with the company for nine months and joined their Rising Stars Apprenticeship Programme after finishing 6th form. 

Confessions of a Recruiter - should we stop using buzz words?

Are you a highly-driven, passionate team player? In recruitment we get to see a lot of LinkedIn profiles and work with many of the people behind them. As you would expect, there are many words and phrases that are used a lot.

Your CV is your personal website- Are you brand #superyou?

The digital age has revolutionised how job seekers apply for a role and also how a candidate is assessed for skills and suitability. 

Why do qualifications in recruitment?

Having being in recruitment for more years than I care to admit it’s an industry that I’m extremely passionate about. The core of recruitment is to find someone an opportunity that will make their life better and this fills me with a great sense of pride.

Results day has been and gone, how did you do?

Results day has been and gone, how did you do? Now that the hype of results day has calmed down and you’ve digested your results, I’m sure you’re all giving some serious thought into the direction you now want to take your education (after the celebrations of course!).

How will PR19 affect you?

Being a recruiter who specialises in the water industry, one thing that I love about the industry is that it’s constantly striving to improve. This is driven by the high standards from the organisations within the industry and Ofwat (the economic regulator) conducting regular reforms to achieve best practice.

You're coming to the end of school - what now?

So you’re coming to the end of your school life? If you’re 18 years old then you’ve spent around 13 years of your life in school. That’s about 2470 days of your life in fulltime education. So what now?

Top tips on how to prepare for a Skype interview

BPS World is a global recruitment company and interviewing people on Skype is a regular tool of communication for our business.

What is the right Fintech organisation for you?

Fintech is a growing sector in the technology-driven revolution. BPS World is currently involved in supporting a global Fintech company in several global locations including Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Latin America.

What are the processes for global recruitment?

I have been recruiting for the Fintech industry for the past 6 months and it involves working with multiple nationalities and in different time zones. This has given me the opportunity to develop my international recruitment skills supported by the internal learning and development programmes implemented by BPS World.

How has technology improved communication for global organisations?

Technology is an enabler and when you get it right its effect is transformational. Remember the joy of your first smartphone? The wonder of how self –intuitive it was? Consolidating multiple data and communication streams into a single device. The result was flexible working, an idea that previously had only been dreamt of and it changed our lives.

Why is customer experience important?

On a recent business trip to Singapore I had an experience which has stuck in my mind and I have felt the need to share this. This experience was Singapore airport.

What are the benefits of running an apprenticeship to your organisation?

I manage a recruitment apprenticeship programme at BPS World called the “Rising Stars Programme” and it has been very successful in nurturing young talent and developing careers.

How to manage the recruitment process across multiple time zones

Recently I have been given a fantastic opportunity by BPS World to work in Miami with one of our largest global clients who have their Head Quarters there. This has been a great opportunity for me to challenge myself and take on new responsibilities.

Recruitment in the Fintech industry: fuelling the boom

Despite its nature as a niche and specialist category, we have seen a significant boom in the Fintech industry and can only expect this growth to continue.

The world is shrinking (so now we must grow)

It has never been easier or more efficient than now to connect with talent on a global scale. Lines of communication through technological advances make a video conference much the same as a face to face meeting.

Why I chose the BPS World apprenticeship programme

My name is Kit and I have been on a recruitment apprenticeship at BPS World for 8 months.  I decided to do an apprenticeship instead of going to University because of the opportunities it gave me; valuable work experience in an industry I am interested in and the chance to gain a qualification.

Is the UK water sector fishing in the right pool?

The engineering skill shortage in the UK is a widely debated topic and there are many reasons for this; lack of STEM focus, increasing requirements for scarce-skill disciplines and unglamourised sectors that increase the difficulty of talent attraction.

Why have Google removed side adverts?

Google frequently make changes to their homepage, I’m sure we’ve all logged on and been amused by the variations they put on their logo to mark topical events.

A basic guide to tax liability in a foreign country

With globalisation continuously increasing in business the need for mobility in the workforce is, for companies, like BPS World a growing requirement.

How do you set up a European hub?

The Managing Director of BPS World announced: 

“We are going to open an office in Europe”

Finance management in a global market

The world of BPS is expanding, with client wins taking us to all corners of the globe ranging from Brazil to Czech Republic and Singapore to name a few.

Global culture carriers

The only thing we have is one another. The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company.

Mentoring apprentices within the recruitment industry

In the UK, up to 28 000 apprenticeship vacancies are available online at any one time. Apprenticeships have never been as popular as they are now meaning that businesses like ours have realised that it’s becoming increasingly essential to know how to manage and mentor them effectively. 

The challenges of global contractor management

The global expansion of BPS World's business has provided some challenges when engaging with contractors from all around the world. 

Why is visual communication important?

My role as Executive Assistant is office based in Maidenhead, a core part of my role is to communicate regularly with my colleagues and suppliers across a range of locations including Warrington, Prague and Miami to name a few!

What are the key elements of creating a global brand?

The BPS brand “goes global”

It’s exciting times at BPS World, with new clients wins taking us to all corners of the globe, ranging from Eastern Europe to South East Asia and South America to name a few.

My First Eight Months In The BPS Rising Stars Recruitment Programme

Since starting BPS World’s Rising Stars Recruitment Apprenticeship Programme, I have been on a roller-coaster journey of challenges, successes, highs and lows, but most of all I’ve learnt more than I could have ever realised possible within such a short space of time.   

Should We Keep All Our Data Eggs In One Basket?

Should we keep our data eggs all in one basket? The idiom “Don’t put your eggs in one basket” has been around for centuries. Our peers tell us that eggs are precious and delicate objects and should be handled with care, so if we carry them in a single container and we drop it, we risk losing them all.

Video Vs Text

“The pen is mightier than the sword!” But is it any match against the use of video to promote your business and products?

“No” is the answer.

Sam Stanley - My first six months in recruitment

My name is Sam Stanley and 6 months ago I started a recruitment apprenticeship at BPS World and now I recruit for roles in SAP.

Nathan Brown - My first year in a recruitment apprenticeship

When I first joined BPS World I was completely new to recruitment.

Tom Irvine - My first three months in recruitment

I joined the Rising Stars Apprenticeship Programme in January and am now 3 months into my journey. The apprenticeship will result in me obtaining a Level 2 NVQ in Recruitment and will provide so much more along the way.

From Bitcoin to Blockchain to FinTech

As many will know, Blockchain is the underpinning backbone of Bitcoin. It is effectively a distributed ledger storing all the transactional information of every Bitcoin transaction going back to the original, genesis block through to the most recently completed one. This is the part of Bitcoin, should the currency fall flat, that will continue to thrive, grow and mutate into a new form.

Destination Big Idea

It’s not very often that I am moved to tears or in fact to pull over in my car whilst listening to the radio – for a brief moment to compose myself! That happened to me a few weeks ago when I heard the final words of Henry Worsley.

Is there still a gender gap in the Engineering sector?

I’m a senior recruiter, having specialised in recruiting talent into the engineering sector for many years. One trend that has always fascinated me is the lack of females in the industry, when did this great country of ours decide that females should not aspire to be engineers and help to change the world?

What does an employer brand mean to your employees?

It’s often intangible, but an ‘employer brand’ is about an organisation’s reputation as an employer. An employer brand is a mirror reflection of how the organisation markets what they have to offer to potential and existing employees.

Security from a Human perspective

Security has always been a complex market to understand, having recruited into this sector for over 20 years I have spoken to many contacts over the years who are experts.

RPO versus In-house recruitment: A resourcing dichotomy.

The question over Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) versus In-House recruitment is nothing new and is one that will resonate with those employers who have significant recruitment to undertake be it on a project by project basis or to meet a continuous growth plan.

Would you like to be a Recruitment Account Manager?

My name is Chanel White and I am a Recruitment Account Manager, having being promoted to this role after undertaking a recruitment apprenticeship.

Where does the responsibility of Employer Brand sit in your organisation?

Before entering the world of Recruitment it was fair to say that this question for me this was a no brainer – the Marketing Department of course. They are responsible for the impact, engagement and the performance of the brand after all.

How can the principles of Inbound Marketing aid the recruitment process?

It has long been said that the line between sales and marketing is now blurred. Marketers need to act as sales professionals and sales professionals as marketers. Being a marketer in the recruitment industry I can see this trend all around me, our consultants are marketing savvy and the marketing department sales focused.

Knowing and understanding what your candidate wants

I found myself in a conversation recently with a candidate that BPS World had placed for the 3rd time. “Andy you guys just understand what gets me motivated and what client/positions I want to work with, most importantly you listen.”

Results Day – What now?

Today is an exciting day for everyone who has received their A-Level results. I hope you got the results you were hoping for.

Bradley Carton - My First Six Months In Recruitment

I can’t believe that 6 months have passed already, time has moved along so quickly! I am now 6 months into my role with BPS World on the recruitment apprenticeship programme.

Five top tips on how to recruit outstanding in-house talent

Being a recruitment organisation, we naturally understand the value of people. It is often said that people are your greatest asset, therefore your in-house recruitment team are integral to the development of your organisation.

Why I love in-house recruitment

After graduating from university I pursued a career in sales and marketing, this opened my eyes to the world of recruitment and in 2010 I started recruiting for sales and marketing candidates for some of the UK’s leading luxury brands.

How has Inbound Marketing changed the buying process?

Marketing is full of buzzwords with the fast pace of the industry meaning that we all need to constantly evolve to keep up. One area which is generating significant interest is Inbound Marketing - “79% of UK companies implemented inbound marketing strategies in 2014. This is year-on-year growth of 25%.” Source: https://econsultancy.com/blog/65790-the-rapid-growth-of-inbound-marketing-in-the-uk-infographic/

Simon Conington is elected to the REC Council

BPS World are delighted to announce that our MD - Simon Conington, has been elected to sit on the council of REC as a Corporate Director. The Council is the governing body of REC, which directly and through committees, supervises the work of the Executive. The Corporate Directors represent the Corporate REC members on all relevant issues.

Are we running out of Energy in our search for talent?

The future of Energy is a massive and often confusing place – full of hearsay, opinion, fact and statistics that will pretty much back up every argument from the viability of wind farms to the dangers of fracking. What we do know as an industry, a country and a planet is that we have big challenges ahead – with one of the largest concerns being how we build the workforce of tomorrow. 

Megan Joyce - my start in a recruitment apprenticeship

My name’s Megan Joyce and I’ve been with BPS World for around 5 months. In this time I have had the chance to work in all three industries that we recruit for: Engineering, Marketing and Technology.

SAP in South East Asia

While many business-software makers are seeing sluggish growth, Germany's SAP AG bucked the industry trend in the first quarter by posting a double-digit profit gain. This was in part owing to Sales in the Asia Pacific region. SAP's Asia-Pacific operation says Asia is changing its business.

The war for Engineering talent is on

The war for talent is on. If we believe everything we are being told in the press, various engineering media and our daily dose of recruitment approaches then there is a shortage of engineering talent in the UK which is creating a resource black hole, a black hole that will swallow the UK’s ability to design and build any major engineering projects for many years to come and that will leave UK engineering bereft of future leaders when the “ageing workforce” retires.

Is the National Infrastructure really under attack?

As previously stated in my last blog post, I am by no means a security specialist but I have certainly spent my fair share of time talking to those that are.

Nathan Brown - my start in recruitment

My name is Nathan Brown and I have been an Apprentice Resourcer for just over 3 months now. I am based in the Warrington office, but kicked off my recruitment journey some 180 miles away from home in our sunny Maidenhead head office to undertake my induction training.

Bradley Carton - my start in a recruitment apprenticeship

My name is Bradley Carton and I have been in a recruitment apprenticeship at BPS World for 3 months now, during my short time here I have learnt essential lessons not only in the world of recruitment but about myself as a person.

Security: In-house or Outsource?

Security has always been a great interest of mine and I thoroughly enjoy talking to security professionals, from Junior BA’s through to VP’s and Heads of Practice about their opinion on the market, trends and perceptions both from an industry and consultative viewpoint.

How important is your employer brand in the war for talent?

Here at BPS World we have recently being named in Linkedin’s top 25 most inspirational brands. This sparked the debate in our office about the importance of brand in recruitment? I believe that today’s candidate is looking for more than a job; they want to work for a brand they can be proud of.

The problem of rising salaries in the construction sector…

The first question with an obvious answer is, are salaries in the construction sector rising? And of course the follow-up question is, are pay rates rising faster than inflation?

What is a DOS attack?

Denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are attempts to make computer resources unavailable to its intended users.

Working with Supply Chain partners – What companies expect from recruiters?

Knowledge is power is a term used in everyday life and can be especially applied to recruitment.

How can your personal brand help to further your career?

Over the last few months we have talked much about the future of the CV, how you can stand out from the crowd and ultimately further your career.

Is it time to rethink how I use time?

With most of the dashboards I have built over the last couple of years my focus has been on empowering decision makers by providing them with the ability to not just see the results but also to explore the data.

Malvertising - a secret threat undermining your Internet security

Due to the fact that Internet advertising is currently the single largest media spend, it is unsurprising that it has become of great interest to hackers.

How can Business Intelligence help to engage your clients?

Business Intelligence, or more specifically management information reporting, is usually discussed as an internal service. The client works for the same company as the service provider, and the information is used to improve operational efficiency. 

Is the traditional CV dead?

The CV is considered to be the most important document in the recruitment process and in many cases the first item an employer reviews when assessing a candidate. The CV dates back to 1482 when Leonardo De Vinci created the first professional resume.” 

It's not called a lottery for nothing

My brother recently came to visit us in the UK. He was here for three weeks, and one of the first things he did was to buy a lottery ticket for each draw that was scheduled to take place while he was here. I used to play the lottery until I learnt that if I buy a ticket on a Friday for Saturday’s draw, I had more chance of dying before the draw took place than of winning the lottery.

Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing, as an industry, has grown exponentially over recent years as more companies and developers acknowledge the ever increasing threat of exploitations and vulnerabilities being found and abused by online “Cyber Criminals”.

The changing face of permanent vs contractor staffing

Some industries like Engineering and Construction have experienced a changing dynamic to the workforce with permanent staff seeking the “quick win” financial rewards and flexibility of contracting. 

Why do you need to invest in data security?

As the information security market evolves and cyber criminals become increasingly sophisticated, capabilities that were once cutting edge have become outdated and new functionality is required to keep pace. 

Intuition and Business Intelligence

In my first blog, The Recruitment Fingerprint (click here if you missed it), I claimed that business intelligence should not replace intuition, but should complement it.  Here’s a bit more background into how I reached this conclusion. 

Human-to-Human Resourcing

Is it time for the talent department?

At some point or another if you are in the workplace the chances are you have been through an interview process.

Technology in Sports Analytics

You may have seen the movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt. Based on a book of the same name which in turn is based on real events, it tells the story of the Oakland Athletics major league baseball team and their use of detailed player statistics and analysis techniques to build a very successful team on a very tight budget.


Do you need visualisations in dashboards?

Some time ago on LinkedIn, a thread ran about the value of visualisation in dashboards. It is a debate that has been running amongst dashboard and report designers for ages. There are two camps. In one camp are those who believe that information should be presented in a table, or a matrix.

Why should you invest in content?

The marketing landscape has undertaken a revolution in the last few years and we are now in a hyper connected, hyper digitised world.


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